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Metta Meditation

Metta meditation truly has been one of the most profound ah-ah moments in my life. It has transformed my energies that overpower my inner calmness and change my perspective of what I cannot control. TARA, Pennsylvania, USA

4 Count Breathing Technique

"It changed my life"


Before I started, anxiety would send me into a panic attack because I was unable to breathe. Then I started breathing through it with the technique that Athena taught me and became able to stop panic attacks mid cycle. I can stop a panic attack before it begins.  APRIL,Tennessee, USA

Your Guide To Essential Oils For Stress Relief

Essential oils are my go to when I'm in need of comfort and support from the stresses of life. I'm always so grateful for the sense of reassurance and safety I walk away with when I use my favorite blend. SARAH ,Arizona, USA

15 Ideas For Better Sleep

Sleep is a fundamental pillar of health. If you know you could improve your sleep quality then download our guide to help you achieve it!

6 Easy Ways To Add Healthy, Whole Foods To Your Diet

8 Simple Tips For Better Portion Control

Experience the calm and peace of a beach in Symi, right now! Join Athena and journey across the Aegean on a guided relaxation for body and mind.