Vetiver Multipurpose Aromatherapy Oil
  • Vetiver 4-in-1 Aromatherapy Oil {Body, Bath, Massage & Spirit}


    Nurture your body, mind & spirit with this delicious blend of essential & botanical oils.


    Bath Oil + Body Oil + Massage Oil + Aromatherapy Oil


    This multipurpose oil is a great aromatherapy tool to keep around to use at any time, in support of your skin care routine as well as your emotional needs.




    1 Bottle, Many Uses. 


    In a convienient TSA compliant size you can take this product with you on your travel adventures. Use it to moisturize your skin apres sun, (Pst.. Vetiver is thought to protect against hyperpignmentation) to protect and condition your hair on the beach and when you want to add some extra drama to your 'do', add a subtle shine and an intoxicating aroma to your sun kissed skin, and you can use it to provide emotional relief - Vetiver Oil is well known for it's calming and comforting qualities (it can help relief anxiety and promote sleep).


    Keep reading and learn the different ways you can use this oil ⇣⇣⇣


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    • This is a deliciously smoky and sultry blend that you will find grounding, calming and centering.


      Vetiver is well-known for its balancing and restorative effects on the mind as well as the skin.


      Jojoba, Sweet Almond and Vitamin E to keep your skin soft and supple, protect it against UV radiation damage and slow down the signs of aging. They are also wonderfully fast absorbing and nourishing and prevent breakouts and irritations, as well as scaly and rough patches.


      Full Ingredient List: Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Tuberose Absolute & Rose Petals. 


      100% All Natural. Cruelty & Paraben Free.  

      2 Oz Glass Dropper