Essential Oil Roller to Stop Cravings
  • Craving Aromatherapy Roller


    Stop snacking, boost your metabolism and lose weight with our craving crushing Aromatherapy Roller!


    When you’re tired or stressed, you are more likely to reach for distraction and usually that means unhealthy snacks. You can’t out exercise a poor diet or lifestyle, but smelling certain essential oils may curb your appetite and provoke the alertness and energy in your brain can help thwart those cravings!  Some essential oils can also work with your body’s endocrine system to still your hunger pangs and give your metabolism a little boost!


    Use our refreshing blend of essential oils to help muster the energy you need to get moving and put down the junk food. And, because our Craving Roller is small enough to fit in your pocket, you can make sure you're never without it!



    • We've created a citrusy scented synergy, containing nourishing aromas to help support your emotional well being needed to avoid mindless munching.



      Both contain a compound known as citral which is thought to contain thermogenic properties that increase metabolism and decrease appetite. Research shows that not only can their aroma can suppress your desire to mindlessly munch, but it may even help keep off the weight.



      Contains high levels of stress-reducing limonene, which may help suppress appetite. Additionally, Bergamot possesses properties known to decrease anxiety and the hormones which can lead to stress based eating.



      Inflammation in the body leads to disrupted sugar levels, insulin resistance, chronic pain and more. All of those symptoms will sabotage all your good intentions. When your body isn't fighting so much inflammation, it's easier to focus on healthy habits such as more movement and better food choices and both these oils are well known for their inflammation busting properties. Research also suggests that Turmeric may have the ability to reduce weight gain through the suppression of fat tissue growth.


      Full Ingredients List: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Bergamot, Copaiba, Grapefruit, Turmeric CO2, Lemon Myrtle & Yuzu Essential Oils. 


      100% Pure Essential Oil blend in a 10 ml Glass Roller.