3-in-1 Goddess Grains
  • 3-In-1 Goddess Grains

    Comprising gentle (yet effective) raw grains, clay, herbs and essential oils, our 3-in-1 Goddess Grains are a wonderful soap alternative for your skin and can be used as a mild soap-free daily facial cleanser, that washes away dirt and impurities, exfoliates and protects even the most sensitive skin.
    Cleansing + Exfoliating + Nourishing + Regenerating + Lightening + Tonifying + Tightening + Collagen Boosting

    Our CLEANSING grains are gentle enough for daily use, and gently EXFOLIATE layers of dead skin cells, clearing your pores without destroying the balance of your skin's oils, and providing your face with a healthy, daily dose of the vitamins and minerals it craves. Used regularly, they can help provide you with that Goddess Glow, which comes from refreshed, clean and nourished skin.

    Use once a week as a FACE MASK, our Goddess Grains provide a plethora of benefits including, but not limited to the following: ⇢ DEEPLY CLEANSING for your pores and ridding them of dead skin cells, metabolic wastes and the oily substances that can clog them. ⇢ HYDRATING dry and dehydrated skin types, the water from the mask penetrates deep into the skin epidermis to soften the skin and enhance its elasticity. When the skin is hydrated and well moisturized, it gives more plump and youthful appearance it and provides a better canvas for makeup application. ⇢ Through the renewal and support of healthier skin turnover, they can help to ⇢ DIMINISH HYPERPIGMENTATION and give you more even skin tone and texture. Regular nourishment for your skin and increased circulation from its application, can help to ⇢ ENHANCE COLLAGEN production and fight off free radical damage which will gradually result in firmer, tighter, fresher looking skin.
    • Restorative botanicals are mixed with detoxifying clays, exfoliating Oats and nourishing Essential Oils, to make this gentle cleanser, appropriate for everyday use.


      ⇢ CLAYS are a large drink in mineral magic and rich in essential nutrients and phytonutrients, are considered of the best skin care treatments to reduce the production of sebum, the main contributor to oily skin. They play a role in therapeutic purposes for all skin types and are well known for their detoxifying and  demineralizing qualities.


      ⇢ COLLOIDAL OATMEAL is rich in saponins, a cleansing agent, and helps rid your skin of toxic build up as well as providing a gentle exfoliant and humectant, supporting your skin retain moisture and helping it to take on a glowing, dewy appearance.


      ⇢ COCONUT MILK, naturally high in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, has been long used for its skin softening, nourishing and firming properties. Full of skin loving minerals like zinc and magnesium, it may promote improved cell production.


      ⇢ BEE POLLEN, considered one of nature’s most nourishing foods, is extremely rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, and its natural antibacterial and anti-aging properties make your 3-in-1 Goddess Grains even more awesome for your skin! It may increase skin building minerals like silica in your body which builds skin cells and contains carotenoids, flavonoids and phytosterols which promote cell regeneration.


      We’ve used a blend of game changing botanicals including:


      ⇢ HIBISCUS, often described as "the Botox plant" and which contains AHA's that have a slightly exfoliating effect on the skin and encourage cell turnover. Not only does this help with age spots, but it can encourage an all round fresher, younger, smoother looking complexion.


      ⇢ ROSE, long recognized for its generous provision of skin enhancing benefits, including cleansing, toning and tightening qualities.  Rich in antioxidants, it is also an excellent source of vitamin C, that stimulates collagen production and skin regeneration.


      ⇢ CHAMOMILE containing azulene, an ingredient known for its calming, anti-inflammatory, and refreshing benefits.  This leaves skin looking soothed, rejuvenated and toned and is commonly used to help lighten skin and may help reduce the appearance of sun damage.


      Full Ingredient List: French Green Clay, Kaolin Clay, Oatmeal, Coconut Milk Powder, Bee Pollen Powder, Hibiscus, Rose Petal Powder, Chamomile Flowers, Lavender Flowers, Rose Absolute Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil.


      100% All Natural. Cruelty & Paraben Free


      4 oz Glass Jar