How To Foster Your Intuition & Reclaim Your Power

“Intuition is always right in at least two important ways; It is always in response to something. It always has your best interest at heart” Gavin De Becker

What does it mean to have your power taken from you?

We all have different perspectives and frames of reference. I can only offer you one way to think about this. I’d love to hear what it means for you, also.

In essence, owning our power means being at choice. Free to choose consciously, not because of fear. Freedom to move through the cycles of our hormones, without becoming victim to them. Freedom to move our bodies at will; to adapt to our conditions as needed. Freedom to understand and respond to our environments; instinctive and aware. Freedom to choose purpose and live a life, aligned. Freedom to exercise decision and thought; critical concepts and creative endeavor.

When we are without our power, we lose trust. We mistrust that we are able to adapt to whatever life brings to us and that promotes a sense of vulnerability. We lose the ancient wisdom of womanhood – we work against our cycles – rather than accepting and embracing them. We lose our identity, our name, our voice and with it our purpose and our passion (connecting to a universal consciousness).

We are animals on this planet, despite our efforts to live a life detached from this reality. But when we embrace this we find that nature has given us all that we need.

Today, I’d like to share this idea in relation to intuition. How do you consider its meaning? Some people consider intuition as an abstract concept – some sort of external knowing- luck or circumstance. Some even believe that those with ‘strong’ intuitive powers are psychic claiming access to a resource, unavailable to the rest of us. But, intuition is available to us all, always and at all times.

Do you consider yourself to be intuitive? One of the easiest ways to think about your intuition is in relation to your children or those close to you, that you care for. Can you think of a time when your sense of knowing, your ‘gut’, led you to discover that a suspicion you had about another was true? Or when you knew a person was unwell, before any symptoms appeared to anyone else? If so, this was because you were tapping into your intuitive power.

The self is concerned with preservation and is fear based. Disconnection, (chronic stress) stops our body from accessing and trusting its sensory tools. We physiologically stop trying to connect and understand what surrounds us; we have no need for our senses, such as smell, sight and so on. We aren’t concerned with what is outside of our self, and are completely inwardly focused.

When we care for others however, we move away from the ego. When we move outside of this myopic realm and serve or support those around us, we are in essence telling our body that we fear no threat. That we are powerful and connected to our community. We are one.

So how does this all tie in? Consider this understanding: Intuition comes from your ability to access and use all of your senses, without the presence of fear. It is the rest of you experiencing your environment in a manner that allows you to process all the information that is available in that moment. It is not a conscious experience – there is simply too much information for you to consciously process- and your mind (or logical brain) is only one aspect of how you understand your environment. Your entire being has spent years deciphering and cataloging data so that you have a repository of information to pull from and make sense of your experience. Intuition comes from your ability to access this data and apply it.

Chronic stress, shuts down this function. It robs you of this power that is needed to affirm to yourself that you are a creature capable of supporting your own evolution and success on this planet.

Reclaiming this power that is your birth rite, leads you to an empowered, successful and joyful way of living.

It’s time to start living the life you were meant to lead and that you know you deserve!

Trust yourself!

With love, from one Goddess, to another.

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