How The Goddess Creates Choice: 5 Ways To Manage Change

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Has the stress of your life robbed you of your grace? Perhaps you feel that the constant movement has distracted you from the softer, more nurturing aspects of who you are?

It is hardly surprising considering the world in which we live, resonant with Masculine Energy; logical and practical, direct and aggressive. And, there is value in this. Its quick and fast moving nature is helpful to us in our busy lives. It spurs us on, driving us forward, facing the challenges a complicated modern world presents us with.

Rather, it is the imbalance of energy - the inability to experience and to choose, at will, which leaves us void of our comfort and our power.

The rigidity of masculine energy does not allow for flexibility - for adaptation. It is fixed in nature. Firmly committed to its shape and form and with unyielding attention to the business of it's own needs. It is inward facing and concerned solely with the business of survival.

Feminine energy is fluid and watery. It is intuitive and graceful. It is creative and allows us to receive. It perceives beyond the self and welcomes all to flow through it.

Feminine energy also allows us to embrace non-judgement. It allows us to meet the events of our lives with an open curiosity that advances our agenda without force and through opportunity.

When we embody this divine state of being, we become adaptive, able to better ride the waves of change and navigate toward our desires. There has never been a more important time than now, to learn how to harness this innate power and better face the constant uncertainty of today's, ever changing world.

Nothing really stays the same - now more than before, it seems we are living with “uncertainty” overload, never knowing what will happen from one moment to the next. Here today, gone tomorrow – or, at the least, very different tomorrow. However, we can remain constant. In our knowing. In our presence. In our understanding and trusting of our core selves.

Uncertainty can bring stress and confusion. While most of us would be quick to say that we want less stress and more certainty in our lives, what we really want is less of a stress reaction to what life is presenting us.

We may not be able to control what happens to us, although one might argue we can greatly influence it. However, we can choose our responses to the situations we encounter.

Let’s take a look at five different responses that you might have to stressful situations.

As you read through these five responses, think of a recent stressful event or news that you may have received, and see what your reaction to that event can teach you about how you habitually respond. You may have one type of response at work, and another at home, or you may react differently depending on who else is involved.

#1. The first, and unfortunately all too common response to stressful events is to suffer and be a victim to it. People who respond this way don’t take action. Things happen TO them – and though they may complain and be generally miserable about it, they don’t take any steps to do anything. They allow life to control them, instead of the other way around. This way of responding is certainly not recommended, and eventually, it will take its toll on one’s physical and mental health.

#2. The second type of response is to accept it the situation, and to get some perspective on it. Someone with this response may say “so what,” or perhaps get some perspective on the situation by asking if it will it matter in a year – or a week – or even in a day.

#3. The third way to respond is to actually take steps to change the situation – taking action to bring it to resolution (or at least move toward resolution). This is a very powerful response, and one that many effective leaders employ.

#4. The fourth way to respond is to avoid the situation. People responding this way make a decision not to get involved in a situation that they don’t see as concerning them, or upon which they can’t make an impact. For example, someone may choose not to get involved in a dispute going on within their office if it doesn’t directly involve them.

#5. The fifth and final way that people generally respond to stress is to alter the experience of the situation. When we look at a situation differently, the experience itself changes. Changing perceptions is probably the most challenging of the responses, because we tend to be stuck in our own interpretations and assumptions about what’s happening, but it is also perhaps the most powerful of all.

How Does the Goddess Manage Change?

It’s your world, and you can create it as you wish. Remember, what one person sees as stressful, another person barely notices, or sees as exciting and full of opportunity. I'm not suggesting that any of these responses is better than the other. Each one holds value. Each one also comes with consequence.

I invite you to consider what type of person you would like to be. Do not be limited by the illusions and limitations of who you think you are. Connect to the deeper consciousness of all the powerful woman who have come before you and remember your true potential.

Are you ready to harness the Goddess in you and flow with less effort, more grace and a deeper level of satisfaction and health?

If you are ready, then contemplate how you might choose to receive and respond to what life delivers to you, when you are choosing from your natural state of divine love.

Here are some questions to guide your contemplation and reclamation:

1. Think of a specific situation which is causing you stress. I don't want you to focus on something too large. Something small and manageable.

2. See if you can identify which one of the responses matches most closely, how you are currently dealing with the situation.

3. Look at all 5 responses and see if you can identify what the benefits and detriments might be of each of them.

4. Only after you have completed Q 1, and have identified your default response, consider what the cost has been to you and those around you. How does it drain you of your choice or your joy?

5. Now consider which response might better serve you to better manage the stressful situation you initially identified. Consider what difference it might make to you and those around you if this were your new manner in which you responded. Sit with this truth for a while and visualize it as it plays out in your mind. How does it empower you? How does it feel in your body?

6 Decide how important it is for you to adopt this new approach and identify and commit to a plan to do so. Don't be afraid to ask friends and family etc to help you create this plan. As you design this, consider what might get in the way of you adopting the desired response? Ask yourself, "how can I over come this and what help do I need to do so?"

Remember, you are always more powerful than you know. You are a reflection of the eternal miracle that is the universe, the stars and the moon. Dig deep and believe you can harness this innate wisdom given to you by nature. Find your Goddess and blossom!

With love,

From one Goddess, to another.

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