21 Ways To Use Our Rose Beauty Balm

This satiny multipurpose balm, suitable for sensitive skin types, can be used for a variety of skin care and cosmetic purposes. From hydrating cuticles, to softening laugh lines; eye rejuvenation treatment to nourishing dry skin salve; facial mask to make up primer - you’ll always want to carry a tin of lip balm with anti aging properties, that can make your manicure look better!!!

“So have been using the rose creme on my eyes/cheekbones 2x a day since the retreat and the gouges at the corner of my eye have almost disappeared! This stuff is amazing 💋💋”

“This is the best thing I’ve ever used. It’s so moisturizing without being greasy! And the smell is so divine ! I’m in love! Thank you Verde Goddess.”

21 Ways to Use Verde Goddess’s Rose Beauty Balm

⋆ Skin Barrier: Apply a small amount to cheeks, nose and lips to protect them from has conditions such as cold and wind ⋆ Cleanser: Massage a small amount onto the face, and remove with muslin cloth rinsed in warm water. Especially helpful for removing makeup around delicate eye area ⋆ Moisturizer: After cleansing and toning, apply a small amount to the face, massaging in with an upward motion ⋆ Facial Mask: After thoroughly cleansing,, apply the balm. Cover the face with a warm washcloth, and relax for 10 mins. Carefully remove any remaining traces of balm with the washcloth, and follow with serum and moisturizer ⋆ Under eye treatment: Softly apply a small amount around the eye area to help soften fine lines and nourish skin ⋆ Luminizer + Highlighter: Apply a small amount to lips, eyes, cheeks, collarbone, shoulder etc. Can also be used as blush ⋆ Dry skin: Add to areas of dry or troubled skin to nourish, protect and restore moisture ⋆ Hand treatment: Rub well all over hands to restore moisture. Wear gloves overnight for maximum results ⋆ Under eye primer: Add a small amount under and around eye to prime area for foundation or concealer. Will allow the prevent product from dispersing and support a flawless finish ⋆ Lip balm: Apply a small amount to the lips for nourishment, protection, hydration and a hint of color ⋆ Make-up primer: After cleansing and toning, apply a small amount to the cheekbones and other areas of the face prior to applying your powder foundation for a healthy radiance ⋆ Nail Balm: Massage a small amount of the balm into the cuticles every night to encourage strong nail growth. ⋆ Heel Softener: After washing and exfoliating the feet, massage some balm into the heels. If heels are very dry, cover with clean cotton socks overnight ⋆ Minor burns+abrasions: After holding the burn under cool running water, apply the balm liberally to keep the skin supple and help to prevent any blisters bursting. For minor cuts and scrapes, apply the balm onto the lint area of a Band-Aid ⋆ Hair Treatment: Massage a small amount through damp hair when on the beach or by the pool to help protect the hair from salt and chlorine. To remove, massage a little shampoo into the hair BEFORE stepping into the shower, and everything will rinse away leaving the hair with an incredible shine ⋆ Eyebrow tamer: After shaping the eyebrows, apply a small amount of balm to smooth and control ⋆ Sunburn relief: A fantastic treatment to soothe the pain of sunburn, and help to prevent the skin from blistering. After a cool shower, apply liberally over affected areas ⋆ Bug Bites: Apply directly to any bug bite or sting to help prevent itching ⋆ Eczema+psoriasis: After a bath or shower apply to areas of dry and irritated skin ⋆ Poison Ivy: Apply as soon as possible to help prevent blistering ⋆ Scar treatment: When the wound has closed and any stitches have been removed, apply the balm morning and night to help encourage the growth of healthy skin and minimize scar formation

Learn more about our luscious beauty balm and grab yourself a tin, here: ROSE BEAUTY BALM

Make Up Primer | Dry Skin Salve | Lip Balm | Rose Salve

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