For centuries women have passed on tradition and skill, through families and through generations, to bring to their homes, and those of their children, great health, spiritual wealth and above all - love.

These customs celebrated the spirit of womankind and as women came together in their practice, they chose a way of being, which connected them to their surroundings, the seasons and importantly, to one another.

"Bloom where you are planted"

The Bishop of Geneva, Saint Francis de Sales

From the waters of Lake Champlain in the west, to the Green Mountains in the east, this is a land rich in bounty and inspirational to all who call it home, year round.

If ever there was a time or place to capture the magic of nature's offerings and the power of the divine feminine, it is now and in this blessed land.

There is much to be celebrated in womanhood, and so much to be grateful for, when one stops to see all that is within them and around them, in this beautiful piece of earth we call... Vermont.

With much love,

Verde Goddess