Verde Goddess is a venture ten years in the making based on observations of women's too-often struggle to identify and maintain meaningful connections.  The stressors of modern living: chronic pain, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, grief, etc. weigh heavily on so many and often result in a lack of identity, purpose, passion and connection to spiritual self and personal power.


Verde Goddess products incorporate the knowledge of five generations of traditional Greek women healers, herbalists and beauty therapists who have used the earth's natural bounty to create tools and rituals that calm, soothe, relax and awaken the spiritual self.

From tea blends that calm the nervous system to essential oil rollers specially formulated to quell headaches, nausea and anxiety - Verde Goddess products are created with love and intention to promote the re-connection to body and mind wisdom.

All of our products are:

♥ Handcrafted with love and care in the heart of the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont, USA

♥ 100% pure and natural 

♥ Made fresh in small batches